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A fusion of French fusion and Polynesian produce, the hybrid cuisine of French Polynesia is fresh and flavoursome. Some local delicacies include poisson cru (ia ota in Tahitian), which is tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk,  and feasts of local staples such as taro, meats, seafood and yams cooked in an underground oven called a hima’a.

Being a former French colony, you can also source crusty baguette and creamy cheeses to fashion a picnic or request a hamper from your resort for beachside lunches and brunches. The hotels and resorts will also offer a range of Western fare and snack style options for a light lunch or a burger, pizza or salad.

Dining establishments in Bora Bora range from candlelit degustation affairs to roulottes or food trucks purveying local fare. Restaurants are not overly plentiful outside of the hotels and resorts and some of the popular venues may require reservations in advance, such as La Villa Mahana. Bloody Mary’s restaurant, bar and yacht club on the west side of Matira Point is a popular drinking spot that’s famous for attracting a star-studded clientele to its sandy floors and thatched roof ambience.