There are many convenient options when travelling to Canada from Australia. The most direct route is from Sydney on Air Canada. The airline provides daily service between Sydney and Vancouver and plentiful options for onward connections throughout Canada.

Many of the international airlines that fly to Australia also serve Canada. Make a stop in the U.S.A., New Zealand or Asia and you will find ample connections to several Canadian cities. Virgin Australia and Qantas also offer flights to Canada. Fly on their direct routes to the U.S. and upon arrival, make a simple connection on their respective airline code-share partners, Delta or American. United Airlines departs from Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles and San Francisco and offers onward code-share flights with Air Canada.

Why not see more of the world on your journey and turn your airline connection into a mini-holiday? Ask your Travel Associates consultant about a multi-stop ticket and discover the wonderful sites and fun-filled attractions of New Zealand, Asia or the U.S.A. during your stopover. Not only is it a relaxing way to break up a long journey, but it’s a cost effective and convenient way to see even more of the world.

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