Canada enjoys a diverse economy and the retail industry is just one of the country’s thriving sectors. Shoppers will find many American department stores including Target, Costco, Sears and even Walmart, to name just a few. Shoppers will also find upscale Canadian Department stores in most major cities as well as internationally known name brands and luxury goods retailers.

One benefit of shopping for fashion in Canada is the end of season sales that often take place. As Canadian stores work to clear stock at the end of their season, Australian stores will just be moving into the same season. Hence, you’ll find a great bargain and be ready with the latest fashions before the Australian season even commences.  

Unlike Australia, Canada does not use inclusive pricing for GST or sales tax. When purchasing a product, meal or food in Canada, the tax is added at the register at time of purchase. Shoppers will find that for most goods there will be a federal GST charge applied to the sale. An additional Provincial Sales Tax (PST) may also apply. 

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