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Christchurch is known for its many bars, restaurants and cafes. No matter what type of atmosphere you’re after, it can be found in one of the city’s main entertainment and dining precincts.  The dining scene in Christchurch and in New Zealand as a whole, favours fresh ingredients and home grown produce for consistently tasty dishes time and again.  

Poplar Street is known for its historic warehouses and distinctive brick buildings where the thriving restaurant, cafe and shopping scene attract people of all ages. Another popular dining area is SOL, otherwise known as “South of Lichfield.” This is one of New Zealand’s hippest, trendiest neighbourhoods and features some of the country’s leading restaurants and cafes. And if you’re looking for a peaceful riparian setting along the Avon, head to the cobblestoned streets of The Terrace. Sample some of Christchurch’s freshest fare in this unique city setting.