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Selling beaches to Australians is a lot like selling ice to the Eskimos, so if you’re going to brag about your beaches, they’d better be amazing. Fiji certainly has beaches, plenty of them, but if you’re going to turn down Bondi, Whitehaven or Gold Coast for some foreign shores, the allure needs to be special and the sand should be like heavenly talc. Here we wrap ten of the best beaches in Fiji including resort, island and public sand.

Yasawa Island 

The sublime beaches of Yasawa Island are among the finest anywhere in Fiji. The small island resort caters to no more than 17 couples at a time, delivering a relaxed and private holiday experience. In between swims, take a dive or spa at the resort.

Liku Beach

In the popular Mamanuca Islands, an easy transfer from Denaurau, Tokoriki Island Resort boasts a full kilometre-long pure white sandy beach. Dive into the gorgeous lagoon, complete with divine coral gardens. Liku Beach can be found on the western end of Tokoriki Island and translated, means ‘Sunset Beach’.

Natadola Beach

Appearing on some lists of world’s top beaches, Natadola Beach at Sigatoka is accessible to all, despite three major resorts within a stones’ throw. Popular with surfers and bodyboarders you can just relax and swim or join in the local fun with hair-braiding or horse-riding.

Matamanoa Beach

Also in the Mamanuca Islands, Matamanoa Island is popular thanks to its exclusion and intimacy. Home to a small boutique private resort ideal for couples looking for child-free relaxation, there is a host of activities to enjoy like diving, snorkelling or just kicking back.

Long Beach, Kadavu

Nominated by CN Traveler’s, Bob Payne, this ‘miles long’ white sandy masterpiece is located on the northern shore of one of the smaller main islands to the south. Less in the way of development, but more of that raw tropical island appeal. The region is also much favoured by divers.

Nanuya Lailai, Yasawas

Made famous as the private overnight spot for Fiji’s popular Blue Lagoon Cruises, it offers good snorkelling and swimming in the sheltered waters plus room to wander under the palm trees hand-in-hand. Cruise guests can enjoy a nighttime lovo and dancing.

Malolo Island

Here you’ll find Malolo Island Resort and Likuliku Lagoon Resort who have chosen this easily accessible island thanks to its impossibly soft white sand. Enjoy these beaches as a guest of either resort as well as the intimate beach bar and full resort facilities.

Monuriki Island

Famed as the location of the Tom Hanks ‘Cast Away’ movie, Monuriki is completely uninhabited but can be visited as part of a day cruise from Denaurau. Great for dinner party tales and ‘Wilson’ selfies on Facebook, the beach and lagoon make a unique talking point.

Pacific Harbour

If your vacation brings you to Suva where there are no beaches, head down to Pacific Harbour and the resort facilities there ideal for a spot of surfing, shark watching and swimming. Close to restaurants and shopping, it’s a great day out from the bustling capital.


While nearby volcanic Taveuni Island is hard pressed for the postcard style beaches, little Qamea is blessed with them. Maqai Beach on the southern shore is the spot, easily reached from any of the three resorts, of which Qamea Resort & Spa is the pick for those looking for exclusivity and luxury.