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Despite Hobart's small population, it is home to a number of writers – including 2014 MAN Booker prize-winner Richard Flanagan. A handful of movies have been made in the state, with film-makers keen on the dramatic scenery. Famous Hobart actors range from Errol Flynn to Lisa Gormley from Home and Away. 


The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes (1986)

Hobart may have only a small, but key, role to play in Hughes' seminal book on the early history of Australia, following King George III's plan to colonise the continent. It is a brutal tale but Hughes' writing has been widely praised. 

In Search of Hobart by Peter Timms (2009)

In a fascinating introduction to the Tasmanian capital, journalist and social historian Timms tells a sweeping tale from the convict beginning of Hobart Town to the city's recent emergence as one of Australia's most desirable tourism and lifestyle destinations. 

A Long Way From Home by Saroo Brierley (2013)

Hobart's charms will gain a global audience when the film version of Brierley's remarkable story of going from slum kid in India to Hobart businessman and how he managed to re-discover his Indian family after 25 years is released in late 2016. 

A Bone of Fact by David Walsh (2014)

He's the slightly weird kid from a working-class suburb who became a multi-millionaire by devising gambling algorithms, was banned from Las Vegas casinos and then poured his money back into one of the world's most famous museums; the fantastical MONA. 

Dead Wood by S.J. Brown (2015)

There have been only a handful of detective novels set in Hobart, where mean streets are difficult to find, but this is a compelling fictional tale of political infighting and dysfunction that might not be too far from reality. 


For The Term of His Natural Life (1927)

Made in 1927, this was the local equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, with no expense spared. Based on a book by Marcus Clarke, it was a dramatisation convict life in Tasmania. It was re-made as mini series in 1983. 

The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1998)

Based on the second novel from Hobart writer Richard Flanagan, and directed by him, this was filmed in 1998 and centres on the migrant experience in Australia as seen through the eyes of an alcoholic Slovenian father living in Hobart, and his daughter.

Arctic Blast (2010)

Hobart can be cold in winter – but not this cold. This much-mocked disaster movie thriller is based on the premise of a solar eclipse sending super-chilled air towards earth. Hobart is the first city hit and a local physicist has to come up with answers fast. 

The Hunter (2011)

There are many Tasmanians who will tell you that the Tasmanian Tiger, officially extinct since 1936, still flourishes in the south-west wilderness of the island. Many say they have sighted thylacines. Based on a novel by Julia Leigh, this is a 2011 drama starring Willem Dafoe.  

The Gourmet Farmer (2010 – 2013)

Multiple series of this lifestyle TV program have been credited with boosting tourism numbers to Tasmania. Former food critic and now writer Matthew Evans moves to a small farm at Cygnet, 40 minutes outside Hobart, and plans to be self sufficient.