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Hong Kong's Best Day Trips

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit for the simple fact that it’s easy to get around. The many wonderful attractions on offer are easily accessible by public transport whether it is by taxi, train, bus or ferry. Making it even easier, guided tours offer the convenience of transport and admission to attractions and sites in one inclusive price, so there’s never any fussing with currency, language barriers or transport hassles. Tours will generally collect you and drop you off right back at your hotel too. 

Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

One way to organise your journey is to concentrate on different areas of the city each day. Hong Kong Island not only includes the far-reaching urban landscape of the central district and main city centre but encompasses lovely natural areas such as Victoria Peak and the quiet southern coastal areas with its inviting beaches and hiking trails. Across the harbour on the mainland’s peninsula is Kowloon, a frenetic mix of markets, tenements, upscale shopping and luxury hotels. If nothing else, walk the length of Nathan Road from the harbour where you’ll find many of Hong Kong’s five-star hotels, cultural centres and museums as well as Kowloon Park. 

Lantau Island

Lantau Island is a place filled with holiday making merriment and features activities that the whole family will enjoy. From thrilling theme parks to picturesque fishing villages and peaceful monasteries, Lantau Island is the perfect day trip destination. For a picturesque aerial view of the island take a leisurely ride on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. This 6 kilometre sky rail takes you past the lovely monastery of Po Lin and the giant Buddha and offers stunning views of the island’s dense, forest covered mountains, deep river valleys and the South China Sea. Just some of the tourist attractions here include Disney Land Hong Kong, the historic 1817 built Tung Chung Fort and picturesque Tai O village with its plethora of markets, canals and waterway stilt houses.


The former Portuguese colony of Macau is just over one hour away by ferry and is filled with many exciting attractions. An entertainment and gambling mecca, Macau has become one of the most popular cities in Asia to visit and in the process has become highly developed and wealthy. If you’re just planning to see a few sights and have a look around, a day trip may be sufficient, however if you care to see a show or do a little gambling at the flashy casinos, then an extended stay is recommended. Macau having been a colony of Portugal for more than 450 years still maintains a wonderful mix of European and Asian architecture and culture and there are many historic sites that reflect this colonial past. Portugal transferred sovereignty over Macau to China in 1999.