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Due to its regional location and long colonial past, Hong Kong boasts a wide array of restaurants where visitors will find a smorgasbord of popular western dishes and traditional Chinese or Cantonese cuisine. From small noodle shops to five-star rated restaurants, Hong Kong’s food is a window to the city’s soul.

Step into any of the market places and you will find that seafood plays a large role in Hong Kong cooking. From fried crab and curried fish balls to shark fin soup, sea food is a daily treat for most locals. Pork, beef, chicken and duck are widely used and are often prepared in a noodle soup or minced for a delicious serving of dim sum or simply roasted until brown and crispy.

Rice is served with many meals, but one treat that every Hong Kong visitor should try is Congee. Often served with breakfast or as a side dish with lunch or dinner, congee is essentially rice based porridge. Ingredients can include everything from meat and seafood to vegetables and herbs.