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Expect a full menu of dining options in and around Honolulu. An international city known for its traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dishes and wide selection of cuisine choices, Honolulu provides a tempting smorgasbord of options.

Traditional Hawaiian cuisine is made up of a flavourful mix of Polynesian and Asian influences. From root and fruit based foods and desserts such as the pureed side dish staple of poi or the ubiquitous coconut pie or pineapple cake to Asian flavours and fresh Pacific seafood, the Honolulu dining scene is one of both contemporary elegance and rich, traditional flavours.

A ‘must have’ Honolulu dish is the plate lunch. This popular midday meal usually features chicken, beef or Mahi-Mahi with a side of poi and a Hawaiian macaroni or seafood salad and a corn cake. For elegant dinner options, Waikiki is filled with all kinds of choices. Dine alfresco in a lovely courtyard under a beachside banyan tree at the Moana Surfrider or any number of causal family or swanky five-star restaurants.