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Sightseeing in Honolulu

Halona Beach Cove – This secluded rocky cove on the far eastern tip of Oahu makes for the perfect day trip. Just a 45 minute drive from Honolulu, Halona features a picturesque natural setting ideal for sunbathing and swimming. While there are no lifeguards or facilities on site, the cove is a secluded slice of heaven that begs to be explored.

Iolani Palace – Take a trip back in time to 1879. This stately palace in the heart of downtown Honolulu remains the only royal residence in the United States. Home to King Kalakaua and Queen Lili’uokalani, the ornate renaissance style palace was the official home of the royal family until their overthrow in 1893. The building went on to become the capitol building for the territory government and later the state government before being completely restored to reflect the times of the monarchs who once ruled from here. Today, this magnificent building is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

USS Arizona Memorial – One of America’s most revered monuments, the USS Arizona Memorial is located in Pearl Harbor. Marking the final resting place of the battleship USS Arizona and the more than 1,000 men who went down with the great ship on December 7, 1941, the site is one of both honour and peaceful reflection.

Having been struck by Japanese bombs during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Arizona was one of the first ships to sink, going under in just minutes, with most of her crew trapped below decks.  Much of the ship remains submerged; her great hull visible from the graceful memorial. To this day, a single drop of oil rises to the surface every few seconds. Known as the “Tears of the Arizona”, the continuous drop acts as a solemn reminder of the events of that eventful day.

Diamond Head – This great natural wonder so strikingly visible from Waikiki Beach is one of the most popular outdoor landmarks on Oahu. Just minutes from Honolulu, the ancient volcanic crater and mountainous looking cone make up Diamond Head State Park. There is a popular, and easy to manoeuvre hiking trail that leads to a lookout which offers stunning island views of the bustling city and idyllic coast line.