Malaysian food has been greatly influenced over the centuries by other Asian cuisine, most notably Chinese, Japanese and Indian, and is often said to be similar to Indonesian cooking. Foods are often a blend of cultures with many Malay dishes being deliciously prepared with a mixture of Asian styles and flavours. Regional difference within Malaysia may also be found with each state offering a different approach in preparation and presentation.

A consistent staple in Malaysian cooking is rice. In fact, one of the most popular Malaysian dishes, nasi kerabu, is served with an eye catching portion of blue rice. Originating in northern Malaysia, the secret to the blue hue is crushed telang flowers. Served with bean sprouts, coconut and fish sauce, this is one of Malaysia's most popular dishes.  Nasi Lemak is considered to be Malaysia's "national dish." Starting with a delicious serving of rice cooked in coconut milk, Nasi Lemak is topped with either seafood or a curried meat and accompanied with vegetables and a hard-boiled egg.   

No matter what kind of food you're after, the dining scene in Malaysia is a thriving mix of restaurants where every type of cuisine can be found. From traditional Malay and other Asian fare to western favourites, you'll find a plentiful selection of foods to enjoy.