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Sightseeing in Malaysia

Tea Plantations

One of the largest tea producing countries in the world, Malaysia features many scenic growing districts set within lush, mountainous hinterland regions.  Cameron Highlands in the northern part of Malaysia is one of the most popular holiday areas and is the perfect place to see first-hand how tea is grown.  Nature is at its most stunning in the pristine higher elevations and provides an insightful look into one of the country's biggest export crops.

Colonial Malaysia

By the late 1700s, Britain's influence was felt throughout Malaysia when it established a trading post and shipping port in Penang. As British administration in Malaysia spread, so did its architectural impact, most notably in Penang and along the western coast of the Malay Peninsula. While the colonial imprint on architecture can be seen across the country, just a few of the most stunning examples include the Sultan Abdul Samad Building on KL's Independence Square and Penang's City Hall and Queen Victoria Clock Tower.

Beaches and Resorts

Malaysia is a country overflowing with beautiful coastal regions and inviting beachside resort areas. From the island of Langkawi in the country's north, Cherating Beach, on the east coast in Pahang to the stunning stretches of white sand beaches and luxury resorts of Sabah, most notably around Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia provides endless opportunities for sun filled days of relaxation.

Malaysia Flights