The Maldives is a popular holiday destination for couples and honeymooners as it provides heaven like paradise to relax, soak up the sun and to take in beach, resort and water sports activities. But if that isn't enough activities to fill up your days then consider taking one of the day trips suggested below. 

Capital City Tours - Home to over 100,000 people and covering one entire island, the capital city of Malé allows visitors to experience the Maldivian food, people and their way of life. Malé’s most recognised landmark and the country’s largest mosque, the gold domed house of worship is open to visitors. The majestic interior must be seen, but visitors are reminded that photography is never allowed inside. The National Museum is a cultural site that holds much of the nation’s historical artefacts and ancient relics. Located in Sultan Park, the museum is part of the Royal Palace grounds.    

Wonders on the Water - From the city to the sea, head out on the water for a dolphin and whale sightseeing tour. Over 20 species inhabit these waters and most resorts offer day excursions for a relaxing morning or afternoon trip. From mighty Blue Whales to the playful Spinner Dolphins, the marine life here is spectacular.