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With its proximity to South India and Sri Lanka, Maldivian food is heavily influenced by these regional cuisines. Coconut, rice and fish are the main ingredients used in Maldivian cooking and tuna is a particular favourite. Dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are flavourful and spicy. For a broad representation of Maldivian food, try these favourites:

Mas huni – One of this country’s favourite dishes, Mas huni is a salad like dish made of tuna and grated coconut with chilli and onion and is often served at breakfast.

Garudhiya – A Maldivian fish soup made with tuna, garudhiya is enhanced with lime juice and chopped chilli and is enjoyed with rice.

Kulhiboakibaa – Maldivian fish cakes were traditionally prepared for festivals and special occasions but today the savoury dish is served as a starter or side with dinner.