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Maui is full of traditional Hawaiian foods and there’s no better place to experience this tasty cultural cuisine than at a Luau. From small intimate luaus to larger public festivals, these exotic events highlight Hawaii’s rich heritage through food and dance.  

Watch as juicy pork loins are roasted over a beachside fire before enjoying it in the steamed leaf, lau-lau style. Maui is known for its seafood too and no luau would be complete without fresh Mahi-Mahi, salmon, tuna, island crab or succulent prawns. Served in a cold salad or steamed, the succulent seafood flavours are enhanced with local herbs, while common side dishes include locally sourced vegetables such as sweet potatoes or the popular root based dish called poi. Asian influences are also strong on Maui and luaus and restaurants around the island will often feature stir-fries as well as rice dishes with chicken, beef or pork.   

Desserts on Maui range from elaborate fruit platters to banana breads, pineapple cakes and coconut pies. For those times you need to quench your thirst, a richly blended Hawaiian coffee or tropical fruit drink are never far away.

Fine dining can be found throughout the island, and just one area, Wailea, on Maui’s southern coast is one of the most popular and luxurious spots to enjoy an elegant lunch or dinner. Set just off the coast and among extravagant resorts and peaceful gardens, guests will find a great mix of restaurants and entertainment venues. The island's western shore also has its share of excellent cuisine and can be found in and around all the best hotels and resorts.