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From the coastal cities to the agrarian hinterland and countryside, the approach to food in New South Wales is one based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. No matter what type of cuisine, restaurants here favour the tasty seafood, produce, meats and cheeses found right in their own back yards.

Nowhere is the food and restaurant scene more diverse than in Sydney. From five-star restaurants serving gourmet cuisine to a global smorgasbord of international foods, Sydney for a foodie can seem like paradise. Casual eateries too serve up a fantastic selection of tasty foods. From family owned take-a-ways to pubs and cafes, the dishes on offer are inventive and tempting.

Food and wine festivals are not only a great excuse to get out and see the state’s beautiful scenery, but it’s a chance to sample many of the foods that are grown and produced here. Festivals feature everything from locally grown fruits and veggies to handmade cheeses, wines and even fresh, locally sourced seafood.