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North Island Day Trips

New Zealand was made for day trips. Take a drive along the intricate coastline with its many beaches and bays or head to the hills with a road trip through spectacular mountain ranges. Whichever route you take, you’ll be sure to come across the many lovely cities and towns that dot the picturesque landscape.

From Auckland, head up to the charming coastal region of Northland. Long, pristine beaches line the east coast, while the west coast features many inviting inlets and bays. New Zealand’s northern most city, Whangarei offers a scenic harbour and pleasant small town setting for lunch and a bit of shopping. For history buffs, Captain Cook, intrigued by the peaceful bay, sailed into Whangarei harbour in 1769.

The Wellington area provides many scenic drives as well as invigorating hiking areas for a day of discovery out in nature.  Drive up to the centre of the north island where the hilly roads zigzag their way through the gorgeous mountain country. Revel in the panoramic views of deep valley gorges and rushing rivers. Take a picnic lunch at stop at one of the scenic lookouts for the perfect alfresco meal.