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As Bali’s unofficial centre of sophistication and prestige, Nusa Dua is home to many upscale resorts and luxury hotels. Decidedly less frantic and more refined than the epicentre of Bali’s tourist trade around Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua and the peninsula offer a multitude of quiet, beautiful beaches, resorts, spas and a golf and country club.

The coast and its many beaches face the idyllic east side of the island where the days begin with picturesque sunrises. Luxurious rooms and lush surroundings are found at both internationally known hotel and resort brands as well as at the equally impressive Balinese resorts. Gorgeous pool areas, spa offerings and a multitude of water activities means you’ll never have to step outside of the secluded resort world.   

Nusa Dua is full of inviting options. While even the larger resorts offer a personalised touch and a comfortable, uncrowded atmosphere, visitors can also choose to rent a bungalow or cottage. These exclusive sanctuaries offer a relaxing Balinese style oasis and feature such luxuries as private plunge pools, outdoor showers and high walls for total privacy.