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When it comes to dining on Oahu, the list of places to eat is endless. For the real flavour of Hawaii, attend a luau festival where many of the traditional foods of the islands are served. From the staple sides of poi and poke salad to laulau (pork wrapped in a taro leaf) and lomi-lomi salmon, Hawaiian cuisine is full of flavourful dishes.

Hawaiian deserts range from extravagant fruit platters which include everything from pineapple and coconut to papayas, guavas, mangos and banana to delicious fruit based breads and pies. Coconut pies and upside-down pineapple cakes are two of Oahu’s favourites.

These local foods can be found across Oahu, but there are several popular eateries conveniently located in or near Honolulu. Ono Hawaiian Foods near Waikiki is a casual place serving up delicious sea food and other Hawaiian favourites. Nearby, Haili’s Hawaiian Food features the famous ‘plate lunch’ which usually consists of white rice, macaroni salad and chicken, beef or pork. Helena’s in downtown Honolulu has been operating since 1946 and is known for its delicious Kalua Pig, beef stews, Long Rice Chicken and a full range of freshly prepared sea food dishes, all prepared in the traditional Hawaiian ways.