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Queensland's accommodation choices are as varied and pleasing as the state itself. The travel and tourism industry makes up one of the largest sectors of the Queensland economy and as such, the state is able to meet the broad demand when it comes to lodging and other travel related services.  

As one of the most desirable travel and sightseeing locations in Australia, Queensland provides a wide range of choice when looking for that perfect place to call home, however short your stay. Whether it's a single night, a long weekend or extended stay, there is a hotel, resort or self contained unit, cabin or villa ready to welcome you.  

Brisbane and the Gold Coast feature luxury high rise and boutique hotels for the ultimate in big city living. Some of Australia's best know hotel brands are featured in these two upmarket destinations. Enjoy deluxe facilities such as lap pools and roof top lounges as well as elaborate bars and five-star restaurants. Best of all, they're located near all the exciting attractions, from concerts, stage shows and shopping in Brisbane to the beaches of the Gold Coast.   

 Luxury resorts provide an all inclusive holiday experience in some of Queensland's most idyllic locations. Found on sprawling grounds, these lovely retreats commonly feature panoramic views of the unique Queensland landscape. On a smaller scale, the quaint bed and breakfast may also provide all inclusive stays however they possess the cosy intimacy of home. Bed and breakfasts are commonly found in small towns or within the hinterlands of the lush green rainforests.

One of the most popular extended stay options is a self-contained unit, apartment, house or cabin. Stocked with all the accoutrements of home, from kitchen ware to laundry facilities, this is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy an extended stay in one area.