— words by Christine Retschlag

Considered one of the poster girls of Australia’s holiday destinations, the Sunshine Coast has built its reputation around an intoxicating blend of beach, hinterland, luxury and laid-back lifestyle experiences. Stretching from Caloundra in the south to Noosa in the north, and framed by the rolling hills of Maleny and Montville to the west and the pristine Pacific Ocean to the east, it’s little wonder travellers have been unable to resist her allure. 

While this destination darling has undergone numerous facelifts over the decades, with world-class restaurants and luxury accommodation options, that undeniable quaint beach village vibe prevails. Despite all her sleek sophistication, this remains a sarong and thongs kind of place where one minute visitors are dining in slick waterfront establishments, and the next they are enjoying fish and chips with their feet in the sand.  

These days, you are just as like to bump into the likes of Australian television characters Kath and Kim, as their other onscreen Noosa-loving alter egos Prue and Trude, and even their real-life creators and actors Gina Riley and Jane Turner. And who can blame them? Abounding with natural beauty and an abundance of outdoor activities, markets, shops, and festivals and events, the Sunshine Coast simply sparkles.