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With its fertile terrain and pristine, untouched lands, Tasmania boasts some of the freshest foods in Australia, making this pint sized state a foodie’s dream destination. Its fresh dairy and mouth watering produce provide the ingredients for Tasmania’s award winning wines and cheeses. Head to the eastern part of the state and is seems as though there’s a delightful winery, cheese shop or cosy café around every bend.  

With so many fresh, locally sourced ingredients at their fingertips, Tasmanians have embraced the organic, all natural approach to food preparation, but it’s not just the land that provides a rich source of good foods. The sea is equally fertile and fresh seafood has for centuries been part of the Tassie diet. Any visit here must include a sampling of the state’s ocean scallops, lobster or Trevalla. Don’t forget to pair any meal with one of Tasmania’s award winning wines!