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Goa Gajah – Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, is a 9th century bathing pool temple. It is believed that this cleansing sanctuary was used to ward off evil spirits as evidenced by the ominous looking stone creatures carved around the Elephant Cave entrance. The entrance to the remarkable pools area is via the chiselled 'elephant mouth' cave opening. Walk the inviting pathway which leads to a picturesque waterfall and rice fields for an interesting all around cultural experience.    

Rice Terraces – Much of the area around Ubud consists of watery rice fields and elaborately elevated rice terraces. Beautiful rainforest backdrops and lush green river valleys provide unique Balinese settings  and offer the ideal photographic landscape. One of the most picturesque rice terraces is at Tegalalang, just north of Ubud. The intricate terraces can be seen from the elevated roadway which provides sweeping views of the famous agriculture area.

Markets and Shops - Ubud offers a great mix of shopping, especially if you enjoy cultural selections from handmade wood and stone carvings, jewellery and other arts and crafts. The village also features small clothing stores, antique and gift shops and even a collection of bookstores and gourmet food retailers.