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Much like Rome and Florence, Venice is predominantly known for its wealth of Renaissance art and remarkable architecture. It’s also a city bursting with collections of modern art, music halls, and performance spaces. With so much available to discover, here are some of the best places to experience it all. 

1. Interpreti Veneziani 

Musical ensembles playing Vivaldi are everywhere, but Interpreti Veneziani are generally recognised as the best. Concerts are held most nights in the church of San Vidal. Get tickets online or at the Museo della Musica where music lovers can also view collections of antique instruments. 

2. Teatro La Fenice 

Like its namesake the phoenix, this theatre rose from the ash of two major fires and continues to be a majestic place to experience classical opera or ballet productions and occasionally more contemporary works. Opera tickets sell months in advance, audio tours are available daily. 

3. Peggy Guggenheim Collection 

Eccentric art collector, Peggy Guggenheim’s private modern art collection includes works by Picasso, her once husband Max Ernst, Jackson Pollock and more. The gardens and café are an ideal spot to discuss Guggenheim’s favourite and controversial bronze horse-and-rider sculpture with its removable erect appendage.   

4. Palazetto Bru Zane

It’s romance all the way when Palazetto Bru Zane’s small music room of just 100 seats hosts world-class musicians for intimate concert evenings. If you can’t see a show, take a free tour of this acoustically superior building on Thursday afternoons from September until May.  

5. Punta della Dogana 

An old customs warehouse that’s been beautifully transformed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, it’s now the permanent home for the private collection of French billionaire art collector, François-Henri Pinault.  It’s now a popular destination for both modern and Renaissance artwork aficionados and architecture buffs alike. 

6. Teatro San Gallo

Located behind Piazza San Marco this small and historic theatre runs a 90 minute show nightly on this history of Venice.  Performed in English, it’s an entertaining and educational way to learn about the city’s past with entertaining antics and a heavy dose of humour. 

7. Museo Querini Stampalia 

This museum offers fascinating insights into 18th century Venetian life as it houses an art collection of over 400 paintings and several marble sculptures within its ornate rooms. The café and garden are also a quiet place to relax over a drink or a bite. 

8. Teatro Malibran

Ornately decorated and generally just stunning on the inside, this opera theatre is located near the Vaporetto Rialto and stands where Marco Polo’s family palazzo once stood. Nowadays, it’s the home to several classical and chamber music concerts, opera performances and ballet recitals. 

9. Teatrino Groggia

This little community-centric space nestled within a quaint garden offers something a bit different including performances for children, multimedia exhibitions, study and meditation rooms, a pool and a games room. It’s also an ideal escape for a bit of quiet from the buzzing tourist scene. 

10. Fondazione Vedova 

A former salt warehouse, this space has been transformed as a gallery housing a 20th-century expressionist exhibition that’s pretty impressive. Stand still or sit down and the artworks seem to dance past you courtesy of a motorised system that kicks into gear every 90 minutes.