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A meld of old world and new world in more ways than one, Buenos Aires has the refined airs of a colonial señora with the modern feel of a vibrant South American metropolis. The Argentine city is where you’ll find elegant architecture and colonial history and colourful neighbourhoods and sleek boutiques in equal measure.

The historic centre spans from the main square of Plaza de Mayo to encompass Peronista sights like the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace and Recoleta Cemetery. Enjoying a world-class recital at the beautiful Teatro Colón with its pitch-perfect acoustics will move you to tears as will the crumbling beauty of the historic downtown neighbourhood of Recoleta with its variety of architectural styles.

Mixing up the old and the new is the colourful barrio of La Boca where traditional tango dancers, street performers and artisans strut their stuff amid houses and studios daubed in bright shades of green, orange, yellow and blue along the famous Caminito pedestrian street paved with cobblestones and steeped in European heritage. The artistic and bohemian neighbourhood is also the site of the famous La Bombonera football stadium, home to the world-renowned Boca Juniors club that once claimed Diego Maradona as a player.