Our history

Luxury and premium hand-crafted itineraries define Travel Associates. Founded in 1998, Travel Associates is a boutique travel agency with a whole-minded focus on uncompromising customer service. Every day is different, every itinerary is unique and we recognise that well-travelled clients, like you, will appreciate the unique opportunities and premium options that are waiting!

This is why we go above and beyond to tailor-make your dream vacations and transform them into a reality. Better yet, we select the best range of prices from First-Class to Business, to even Economy to truly craft an experience that will forever etch itself into your brain and formulate memories you’ll cherish forever.

Your Travel Advisors

Our network of professionals covers the nation, offering so much more than any other agent. Possessing a genuine passion and love for travel, and an inexhaustible wealth of industry knowledge and experience, their many years of first-hand exposure to the world sets them apart in their ability to provide you with amazing itineraries. Scattered throughout the country, our offices are comfortable, quiet and offer a private, uninterrupted environment where we will take the time to carefully prepare everything.

Travel is our life, and helping you is our passion.






Where to next?

Whether you’ve already decided, or are just in need of some inspiration, our advisors will get you there in the lap of luxury. Until that time however, pull up a chair and let us show you what our world has to offer: