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Welcome to the next luxurious step in our quest for Travel Inspiration. Our “Awaits You” collection will delight, inspire and enthrall as we highlight some hidden gems and luxury sanctuaries of the world, starting at home, with the help of our Travel Advisers.

In our current edition

Queenstown. Our national Adventure Capital, and home of holiday experiences quite unlike any other, this is a destination for relaxers and thrill-seekers alike! This week we caught up with Kylie Wright, one of our resident Travel Advisers from Wright & Turner Travel Associates in Petone to find out her favourite ways to experience the wonders of our most iconic tourist hub!

Known, iconically, for it’s wondrous mountains and ski fields, it also offers many hidden treats which are sure to tempt your holiday dreams. Perhaps you crave the rush and thrill of slip-streaming across the waterways in a Jet Boat, or the indulgent decadence of sampling wines, canapes and full-course meals? Whatever luxury or opportunity you desire, Queenstown is the greatest host of all.

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