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Round The World Flights

Planning a trip of a lifetime? Want to visit several continents or cities before returning home? Then a Round the World ticket could be a good option for you. Round the World flights are not a new concept but for many they can be the best option. Find out more about the different types of Round the World tickets you can buy and the benefits of using them.

What is a Round the World Ticket?

A Round the World ticket allows you to fly to a number of destinations for one fixed price. They allow you to either book multiple trips with airline alliances such as Oneworld, Star Alliance or SkyTeam, or use a combination of airline partners. Flying on a Round the World ticket can save time, be cheaper, and can allow you to collect a substantial amount of airpoints as you go.  

Why Travel on a Round the World Ticket?

A Round the World ticket can suit your purposes if you want to fly to a few different cities before returning home, you like the idea of slow travel or you want to earn air points. Paying for just one ticket through a travel agency can be an attractive prospect rather than trying to research and book a complex trip by yourself. 

Traditional Round the World Tickets

A traditional Round the World ticket allows the most stops and utilises airline partnerships to earn air points, the most common being Oneworld and Star Alliance. This type of fare offers the most flexibility for changes and cancellations, though it typically also has a number of restrictions. Some of these can be:

  • Flight direction is fixed, e.g East to West

  • A minimum number of flights must be booked

  • All flights must be with the same airline alliance

  • All flights must connect from city-to-city

  • The start and end must be the same

If you can meet these criteria, a Round the World ticket is a more affordable way to fly than self-booking a number of one-way tickets (this is because one way flights are usually more expensive than return trips).

Mini Round the World Tickets

Mini Round the World tickets are a common option for shorter routes, consisting of 3, 4 to 5 stops. Rather than just using one airline and alliance, multiple airline partners can be brought into the mix. The mini fare is a good option if travelling from New Zealand to Europe via North or South America due to the greater number of sample flight routes and airlines available to fit your itinerary than a traditional fare would allow.

Benefits of Using a Round the World Ticket

Round the World tickets of any type offer flexibility for savvy travellers. For instance, you can look at mixing flight classes, flying Premium Economy or Business Class long haul for comfort and Economy short haul to save money. 

With your flights locked in you can explore new destinations at your own pace. Slow travel is also useful for combating jet lag, especially when journeying from New Zealand to Europe. 

How to Book a Round the World Ticket

Booking a trip of this type yourself can be quite complex and entails long hours of research and comparing flights. In the end it may not work out to be cost effective. 

Why not let our travel experts craft a tailored round the world itinerary that’s perfect for your needs? We can also get you the best flight deals to match. Just tell us where you’d like to go, sit back and relax, and leave the rest to us!

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