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Bordeaux is a shopper's paradise with the major fashion chains joined by small independent stores and a selection of markets offering goods ranging from fresh foods to bric-a-brac. The heart of the city is Rue Sainte-Catherine, a 1.2km pedestrian-only strip that is one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. 

1. Marché des Quais

This producers' market is held every Sunday along the Quai de Chartrons. Join local foodies sniffing, prodding and tasting gourmet gear from around the south-west: artisan breads and pastries; chickens, seafood, fresh paella, seasonal cheeses, fruits and vegetables, along with local beers, wines and ciders.

2. Fromagerie Deruelle

The favourite cheese shop of the city's movers and shakers, it offers a wide range of mature cheeses and also sells deli specialities like pâté en croute and rustic sausages. More than 100 cheeses in wheels, slabs, and wedges are on display and Deruelle specialises in small farm and artisan cheeses. 

3. Michard Ardillier

In business for over 140 years – and in Bordeaux since 1978 – Michard Ardillier on Rue Sainte-Catherine is where the well-heeled ladies and gents of the city come to buy their shoes. You'll find over 2,000 different styles here, personalised service and over 100 different brands.

4. Marché du Capucins 

The biggest market in Bordeaux, and one of the oldest, this covered market has a history that dates back to 1749. Today you'll find butchers, bakers, chocolatiers, charcutiers, cheese mongers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable merchants, even an organic section, open from Tuesdays until Sunday mornings.  

5. Cadiot-Badie

The French have sweet tooths and this artisan chocolatier with a history dating back to 1826, serves delights like pure malt whisky ganache chocolates, house-made pâté de fruits and fruit confits, as well as nougat dipped in dark chocolate from a store that has an an old-style charm.

6. Le Comptoir Bordelais

Looking for some gourmet treats to bring home from your trip? This is the place. It is chock-a-block full of bottles of olive oil and mustards, selections of chocolate-coated raisins and canelés, as well as a range of local aperitifs like Lillet and Le Belle Helene, whiskies, rums, biscuits and vinegars.  

7. L'Intendant

Want to bring home a couple of wines, but not sure what to choose? L'Intendant has over 15,000 bottles over five levels, and offers advice to customers, as well selling magnums and older vintages. The most affordable wines are on the ground floor. Prices rise as you ascend floors. 

8. Passage Saint-Michel

A former banana warehouse is the place to come for antiques or objets d'art.  You'll find 18 designers and second-hand dealers and at weekends there is a nearby flea market. A visit has been described as “a step back in time”. Browse through jewellery and objects stretching from the 18th century onwards. 

9. W.A.N.

Searching for something different as a gift? W.A.N (We Are Nothing) specialises in products made from recycled materials. So whether you are looking for a handbag, a unique metal sculpture, or maybe just a bar of soap, this is the place to discover something interesting.   

10. Marché aux Puces

The Sunday flea market in the Saint-Michel quarter proves that one man's garbage is another man’s treasure. Everything from old books to furniture, posters and old jewellery to pots and pans is laid out on Duburg Square and Quai des Salinières every Sunday from 7 am to 4 pm.