— words by Deborah Dickson-Smith
If Edinburgh were a person, how would we describe her? With ancient architecture, meandering cobbled streets and rich history, Edinburgh is distinguished and beguiling. 
She’s highly creative, entertaining millions of visitors from around the world with Festivals showcasing the arts, performance, literature, science, music and comedy. Edinburgh is nothing but congenial, offering comfortable hostelries for her guests, seeking out her finest produce and conceiving a diverse collection of watering holes and venues. 
But at heart she’s an outdoor kind-of-a girl with rolling hills, waterways and parklands to enjoy. She’s the sum of her parts, a split personality kind of a city, encompassing anything from a haughty Morningside grandeur, working class Leith to the haphazard chaos of the Old Town.
She proudly embodies the best of the Scottish spirit, playing host to a Parliament passionately chasing Independence. And all this with her unique sing song lilt and funny phrases; auch aye the noo (oh I know).
Yet Edinburgh’s eclectic style and beauty has inspired generations of writers, musicians and creative, everyone from 19th Century Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson, to Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. Quite simply people adore her. And for all these reasons, Edinburgh is worth meeting and getting to know better.