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For an international holiday destination, Fiji is not big on nightlife except at the major resort regions like Denarau, Sigatoka and Suva city. Most sophisticated spots are within the resorts themselves. Outside the resorts, the nightclubs can get rather boisterous and most restaurants close before 10:00pm.

Top 3 Fiji Drinks You Should Try


How can you mention Fiji and not mention kava? Known more correctly as ‘yaqona’, this ceremonial drink is prepared by mixing the powdered root of the pepper plant with clean water in a special bowl called a tanoa. Drinking kava is an important social tradition, so please be respectful.


With sugar as a commercial crop in much of Fiji, rum is also produced. Since 1980, the Fiji Rum Co has distilled the spirit at its plant in Lautoka using hand-cut cane in a pot still process. Now winning medals for their flavoured rums and staple Bounty brand.


Several native Fijian plants are made into local ‘wine’, but it has to be the coconut variety that best reflects Fiji. Many believe the Polynesians brought the drink, best described as a ‘toddy’ called kalevi, to Fiji. A distilled spirit also exists, but this is best avoided.

Top 7 Bars in Fiji

Ed’s Bar

In Nadi, Ed’s Bar near the airport really gets rocking. A mixed local and international crowd come for the live music and a bit of good old fashioned ‘hanging out’ in one of the several spots inside the building. There’s a bit of a surf feel and pool tables.

Cloud 9

Floating out on the Mamanuca reefs is the novel Cloud 9 pontoon bar. It’s not for everyone and certainly favours a younger crowd, but for sheer tropical craziness, it’s worth a visit. It’s a swim-up cocktail bar with the biggest pool! Book a transfer at Denarau.

Baravi Bar

Located at recently renamed Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort  near Sigatoka is Baravi Bar, one of several at the renovated resort. Situated by the pool, you’ll find the exotic island cocktail you’re after, a cool local beer, wine or snacks, plus a big flat-screen televisions for sports fans.

Cozmo Bar

Billed as Fiji’s ‘newest, coolest and trendiest’ bar lounge, Cozmo Bar in Suva’s Tappoo City Complex is worth checking out if only to test their claim. It certainly is pitched at a sophisticated crowd, boasts a full wine list, food and offers great views over the harbour.

Bamboo Bar

The frequently-mentioned Bamboo Bar is located at Sigatoka’s sprawling and recently upgraded Mango Bay Resort if only for its happy hour drinks every night. You’ll find international beers, wines and vivid cocktails like mango daiquiris being enjoyed by a younger crowd.

Nuku Restaurant & Bar

Located at Denarau’s Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa, this is one of the best beach bar options with a classy setting and a perfect spot to enjoy an exquisite cocktail as the sun goes down. Happy hour happens twice a day.

Musket Cove Yacht Club Island Bar

If you are out on one of the several resorts on Malolo Island, then it’s easy to drop by the cute Musket Cove Yacht Club Island Bar. A bit of a hidden gem with reasonable prices, cheery service and a relaxed ‘castaway’ feel. Swim, drink, relax.