— words by Gwen O'Toole
As the culture capital of Italy and the birthplace of the Renaissance, there’s more art in Florence then you’re likely ever see in your lifetime.
It’s a Mecca for art historians, and with good reason as there are roughly 72 art museums in the city. Here you’ll find some of the world’s most famous works of the Renaissance including Michelangelo’s giant marble sculpture ‘David’,  Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ and da Vinci’s ‘Annunciation.’
It’s also the capital of the Tuscany region, making it a prime destination for lovers of fine food and wine and if you’re a fashionista, Florence is certainly not shy when it comes to fashion. Famous for its gold and leather, here you’ll also find all of Italy’s luxury labels such as Gucci, Prada, Aramani, etc. as well as plenty of handmade artisan items and gifts to take home. 
It’s a fairly small and easily walkable city where you can wander across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, walking the very same path as da Vinci and Michelangelo and get a clear understanding of exactly where their inspiration originated. Florence is the most beautifully balanced mix of romance, art, history, architecture and really great wine.