— words by Roderick Eime

Hawaii is everything a tropical getaway should be. Warm, balmy weather, lots of sun and plenty of fun things to do and see. But the world’s most remote inhabited islands offer a lot more than many travellers imagine. 

Hawaii is rediscovering its indigenous roots and the authentic ‘aloha’ culture is now finding its way into more tourism experiences. No longer just a land of imitation grass skirts, bobbing head Elvis dolls and contrived hula dancing, native Hawaiians are reinvigorating their land with authenticity and a bit of ancient Polynesian mysticism. 

Many forget that Hawaii was an independent monarchy until 1893 when the much loved Queen Liliʻuokalani was overthrown. The five outer islands (away from Oahu) in particular are seeing a strong resurgence in culture that is creating a renewed Hawaii many first time visitors may not have experienced.

Of course, around Honolulu and Waikiki on the most populated island, Oahu, there will always be the hedonistic beach and tourist culture that attracts the majority of domestic and international guests. But for those prepared to venture a little further, the real discoveries await.

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