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There is practically no better place in the world to shop than in Hong Kong. With a hyper competitive market, virtually no tax and a huge range of consumer choice, it is no wonder that people travel to Hong Kong just for the shopping.

Unlike Australia, most shops and stores are open from morning until late at night, so there’s plenty of time to make the rounds in several of the well known retail districts and malls. Be wary though of purchasing cheap knock-offs or dodgy electronic goods from small, independent shops with questionable appearance as the quality of these goods could be dubious.

If you looking for famous retail names like Coach, Tiffany, Prada, Armani, Club Monaco and many others, look no further than the impressive IFC Mall. Located in the IFC Centre along the harbour on Hong Kong Island, this four-level mall not only features great stores but excellent restaurants and a popular cinema as well.

Directly across the harbour on Canton Road in Kowloon is the massive Harbour City. Like IFC, Harbour City features many well known brands, luxury goods retailers and popular chain stores along with a varied selection of restaurants serving international cuisine.