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Luxurious Seminyak Packages

Enjoy the sophisticated side of Bali along Denpasar’s northern beaches. Here you’ll find a vibrant, thriving scene of upscale shops and boutiques, luxury accommodation and top notch restaurants. A noticeable contrast from the backpacker, party scene off famous Kuta Beach, Seminyak offers a superior level of style and restful enjoyment similar to that of Bali’s other deluxe resort area, Nusa Dua, yet in a decidedly more bustling way.

While the traffic can be quite busy around Seminyak, the beaches are generally laid back and peaceful, especially when compared to the sometimes heaving beaches to the south at Kuta. And it is the beaches and refreshing surf that make Seminyak such an enjoyable place to holiday. The broad white sand beaches provide a particularly superb approach to the endless tides of the beautiful Indian Ocean. Whether you’re into surfing or simply long for a refreshing swim and lie-down in the sun, you’ll find the beaches of Seminyak alluringly enticing.

No matter how you plan to spend your time in Bali, a stay in Seminyak is sure to be a fun-filled, relaxing experience.

Things to see & do in Seminyak

Ubud – The indisputable cultural centre of Bali, Ubud was for centuries the heart of Balinese social life, commerce and religion. Even today the town plays an important part in Bali’s economic prosperity where thriving art galleries, retail stores, restaurants and pottery makers line the bustling streets.

As a tourist attraction, Ubud is known for its ornately designed temples which date back hundreds of years. The city is also the gateway to the lush interior of the island. Leading to some of the country’s most scenic landscapes, Ubud offers the perfect place from which to observe Bali’s natural beauty.

Shopping - Seminyak is easily the best place for shopping. For those looking for a bit of retail therapy, a wide range of fashion boutiques, accessory shops and art galleries await. Featuring a number of shopping plazas, Seminyak Square is the most popular and fashionable. The centre features a wide array of shops and eateries and is just minutes from the beach. Visit one of Bali’s main cities, Ubud for a wide range of retail options. Just 40 minutes from Seminyak, Ubud offers a magnificent cultural diversion from the touristy scene of Kuta.

Where to stay

When not enjoying the beachside activities and panoramic coastal scenery of Seminyak, visitors will find a pleasurable selection of luxury hotels and chic resorts in which to retreat to. Choose from a countless number of trendy beachside properties with beguiling ocean views and sumptuous interiors for a pampered stay with all the extravagant holiday trappings.

Opt for one of the many luxuriously intimate villas or guest houses which incorporate such appealing features as your own personal plunge pool, hot tub, and outdoor shower and privacy walls. Soak in the ambiance of a modern and sleek villa situated near the beach or in a remote natural setting. Even city villas offer total privacy and bountiful extravagance.