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Singapore loves its food and with such a culturally diverse population, the cuisine choices are endless. From Chinese, Japanese and Indian to western style restaurants, visitors to Singapore will have no problem finding their favourite foods.

When visiting Singapore, there are some classic local dishes that you must try. Here are just a few:

Chicken Rice – Singapore’s signature dish is basic but delicious - chicken rice. This is a meal packed full of flavour. The chicken is merely boiled and the tasty stock is used to make the rice with. The perfect balance of ginger and lemon grass is added to give the rice its flavourful goodness.

Katong laksa – Delicious rice noodles and laksa are served in a thick, spicy, coconut broth. This dish is often served with prawns.

Satay – Skewers of meat are often served with the delicious peanut satay sauce and a side of rice and vegetables.