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The South Island’s number one asset is its spectacular scenery, and staying as close as possible to its many natural wonders is the best way to experience the beauty first hand. Deluxe lodging can be found throughout this island utopia and can range from luxurious cottage rentals to bed and breakfasts and home-stays. Even the smallest towns provide a range of convenient accommodation options, where the coastal bays and fjords, glamorous ski resorts and mountain hiking trails are never far away.   

One of the most popular ways to get around New Zealand is by camper van. Whether it’s a basic pop-top or deluxe motor-home with all the luxuries, the many camping and caravan grounds found here more than doubles your selection of places to stay. New Zealand is one of the most camper/caravan friendly places in the world, and the ability to stay in one spot for an indefinite period of time is one of the great advantages of this transport and accommodation mode.