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First Class Flights

Flying first class is a special way to fly; there’s no denying the creature comforts, the exceptional level of service and all those extra special touches that make it a the dreamiest way to fly on international jaunts. While the experience differs slightly between airlines, first class is always the best way to fly and guests will notice this difference long before settling into the spacious first class cabin on the plane.

Why fly First Class

Enjoy access to priority check-in lanes and preferred security lines, which makes navigating busy airports an absolute breeze. Most of the time, a first class ticket also allows you complimentary access to the airline’s private pre-departure lounge – the perfect place to relax, in peace, before a long flight. With comfy chairs, complimentary food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, laptop recharge stations, ample USB ports and a full selection of reading materials, your time at the airport will fly by.

Another benefit of flying first class is there are no waiting in lines – that’s right, none! With priority boarding, you are first to board the aircraft and you proceed directly to the secluded forward cabin. Your lounge style seat will have a full range of amenities for you to enjoy during the flight, including privacy screens and a flight kit with socks, tooth brush, lotions and other useful inflight beauty products. Noise cancelling headsets and personal TV screens are also available.

Once airborne, enjoy the superior inflight service with on-demand meals and beverages, all individually prepared and served on real china as you want it. And when you’re ready to sleep, the cabin crew will gladly transform your seat into a lie flat bed, complete with comfortable bedding and pillow. From start to finish, flying first class is a holiday experience in itself.

Don’t want to fly first class the whole way? Travel Associates can arrange mixed class flights that incorporate different classes for each segment of your journey, plus stopovers and so much more for a flying experience that exceeds even your highest expectations.