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All aboard for adventure – Kylie Wright

25th June 2019

Master Cruise Specialist and successful member of the Travel Associates family, Kylie Wright of Wright & Turner Travel Associates would definitely advise you have a go at cruising! With many hours spent on ships, and on the seas, Kylie has identified why cruising is perfect for you!

Cruising is a wonderful way to travel, for many different reasons.  It’s a great cost effective way of travelling as all of your accommodation, food and entertainment while on board is included.  It’s great if you are a solo traveller, a couple or travelling in a group. 

On sea days you can partake in everything the ship has to offer or sit back, relax and watch the world go by. I find this one of the more magical parts of cruising, as you can just bask in the sun, read a book and forget the world even exists. Alternatively if you want something more exciting, a quick splash in the pool or trip around the difference on-board experiences such as surfing simulators, cooking classes or opera also promises excitement. On port days, you get to go and explore different cities and countries each time. Step off in a new country each day, or linger around for a few days and experience guided tours, local cuisines and cultural experiences. Plus, there’s something incredible about waking up in different areas around the globe. The great thing is you get to do and see so much - but only have to unpack once. 

Cruise ships come in all different sizes and you'll find lots of variations - big, small, exploration, luxury, river and family to name a few. The great thing about ships catering to families and offering children's programs and facilities, is that there is now a wide range of people and age groups travelling. You can find all sorts of activities on board from water parks, teen discos, arts and crafts, bars and clubs, gourmet dining, high tea, high tech, modern entertainment and organised shore tours – just to name a few.

The food on board is always amazing too. From dining at the buffet restaurants to specialty dining restaurants from famous chefs, there’s always a delicious range of food to discover, and new favourite tastes to uncover. If you’re in the neighbourhood to dine your way around the world, then there are cruises that cater specifically to this. Oceania Cruises, offers the most delicious food at sea, and with an extensive menu for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, there’s no chance of going hungry here!

If you’re looking for a way to see the world solo, but have never been sure how to do it, there are now some ships offering solo cabins so it’s not too expensive to travel alone. You can join on with other groups of travellers and see the globe at your own pace, by your own rules and with your own cabin.

A common misconception is that cruising is just lounging about on the ocean all day, however this couldn’t be further from the truth, and even the Health conscious and active travellers will find they have plenty to do! With expansive fitness centres, running/walking tracks, rock climbing walls, yoga and pilates classes there really is something for everyone!

To get started on your cruising adventure, contact Kylie today on 0800 840 760.