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Flavours of the Modern World

7th June 2019

Welcome to the new, fresh, age of cuisine. A time where flavour is at the forefront of cultural experiences, and where tasting your way around the globe is more invigorating, tantalizing and mind-spinningly wondrous than ever before. We decided to do the hard yards for you, and so have traversed the globe with our Travel Advisers to find the top tastes, most sensational scents and some of the more desirable drinks, to give you a bucket-list worth completing!

Craig Martin, of Martin & Grigg Travel Associates, understands our passion and love for food, and on a recent trip to Buenos Aires was delighted to discover the flavoursome and delightfully delicious flavours that help this culture to hum!

Buenos Aires is a Foodie Heaven! On my first trip to BA, I did not know what to expect. I had heard all the usuals - Steak, Evita and Tango but wow does it have SO much more to offer! Our first night there, we were tired and decided to try a little local place just down the road from Patio Bullrich - a high end mall - offering Northern Argentinian Cuisine. Now portion sizes are much bigger than expected. We ordered a selection of Empanadas and a Steak. We just barely got through the empanadas when they brought out a steak big enough for 4 people. One thing to note is that steak usually comes just as steak without sauces or sides, so you have to really like the taste of meat! The next night we headed to an amazing little collection of restaurants that were all under an underpass of the motorway. Doesn't sound attractive but it would still be one of my best italian meals I have ever had. We had garlic shrimps that were plated at the table and the most amazing pasta dishes - we even went back for seconds another evening.

Now a must do is the Argentine Experience. An amazing foodie experience that will suit everyone. We did the optional Wine/cocktail making extention at the beginning and had a great time with the bar staff making amazing cocktails out of the local wines. Once you have found your favourite, you get to take a jug of your favourite up for the cooking experience. You also get to take a shot at the sommelier test where you attempt to identify 20 smells. Suprisingly, I got 14 out of 20 which is one of their top results as generally you can only get 8-10. After you finish up with the wine, you head upstairs and join the group which are only doing the food experience. You start off by making your own empanadas and have a competition for the most creative shaped one. A New Zealander won it our night with a kiwi shaped Empanada. Unfortuantely, when she lifted it up to show everyone, it slipped onto the floor, so we all had a great laugh together. We had a great mix of Kiwis, Australians, British, American and I think we even had a German too. We ended up making friends with a lovely American woman that we are still in touch with today. You then move on to the steak. Now you don't cook this part yourself, you just tell them how you would like it cooked. While this is happening, they have a hilarious explanation of how in Argentina you have to communicate with your hands and also some key phrases too. The best was how to order your steak, which is extremely important! Once we received our steak, we finally understood why everyone is always going on about them. This was by far the best rare eye-fillet steak I have EVER had. Cooked perfectly and the most amazing quality of meat. To finish off, you get to try your hand at making Dulce de Leche which is amazing.

Buenos Aires is a true culinary city with street food and restaurants offering every cuisine under the sun, I think there is even an amazing Japanese restaurant. You will find each district from San Telmo to Recoleta will give you a different dining experience and then you can head to the local Milongas for a Tango afterwards. If you are looking for anything other than food, there are amazing cultural experiences from the Tango, Recoleta Cemetery and you can even go pat lions and tigers at Lujan Zoo. It is truly one of my favourite places in the world and I can't wait to go back and explore it all again. Just think of it like Europe but only half way and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

To find out more about Buenos Aires or experience it for yourself, contact Craig today on 0800 951 658 or contact on of our travel consultants here!