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Indian Delights

12th August 2019

Culturally vibrant, and eternally delightful, India is a travel-lovers trove of wonder, and as discovered by our Travel Adviser Lesley Masters, the immersion is all part of the wonder!

“India was such a surprise to me! It had never been on my top ten list of must-see countries and I was a bit scared to be honest but was so lucky to go on the Wendy Wu trip to Kerala and Rajasthan.

There were many highlights for me but here’s a few of the standouts. In Kerala we spent a night on a house boat and cruised along the river ways. What an awesome way to see the bird life and get a peek at how life is for people in this region. The food was delicious on board and we were able to sit, relax and watch the world go by.

We flew from Kochi (in Kerala region) to Jaipur (in Rajasthan region) and the difference between the two was immediately apparent with the traffic. Organised chaos is the perfect way to describe it! As we walked out of the airport, the noise of the cars, buses, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, taxis and trucks tooting hit us. On the roads, a three lane motorway may have traffic five wide with a car or bus coming along on the left in the opposite direction. I was fascinated and loved seeing all this action. All the trucks had BEEP HORN on the back so as you were passing, you had to beep to let them know!

All the bright decorations on the vehicles served as an elaborate extension of the colourfulness in this country. Bright orange, yellow, red, pink and more were the colours of the Pushkar Camel Fair. Once a year for a week in November, horses and camel are brought to Pushkar to sell and there were masses of them! I could not believe the sheer number of these beautiful animals that were on display in Pushkar – it was incredibly enlightening to see and was such a rich cultural engagement that I could immerse myself in.Most people expect to see the Taj Mahal when they visit Agra and it lived up to expectations. We were there very early and got to see it by the beautiful early morning light. When I visit places with such a rich history, I’m constantly in awe of the engineering feats of those builders and architects back before there was machinery like cranes and diggers. How on earth did they get that dome built with such precision? The marble is so beautiful and the decorations impressive.”

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This article originally appeared in the Inspirations Winter 2019 Edition.