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Japanese Umbrellas. Credit: Getty Images

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Land of the Rising Sun

30th October 2019

Japan is a feast for all your senses and is a land of cultural wonder and discovery! An ultimate holiday destination, there’s a plethora of reasons for why you should go!

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Akihabara electric town, Tokyo, Japan. Credit: Getty Images



Long steeped in tradition, Japan is a cultural paradise and from shore-to-shore you’ll find a dynamic landscape that hums with pride and is veritably alive at all hours. Temples pave the way, with stunning cherry blossoms scattered around, down the country, showing a history that is rife and wonderful. Japan was an imperial wonderland, ruled by Emperor’s and passed down through centuries of conflict, clans and noble houses that has shaped Japan as we know it today. According to Mythology, Japan’s first Emperor Jimmu, was a descendant of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, and was enthroned in the year 660BC. Whilst not considered to be historically accurate, it is commonly accepted therefore that Emperor’s have reigned over Japan for more than 1500 years, and that subsequently, they have all descended from the same family. Although their actual authority and power was extremely limited, the presence and support of the Emperor is regarded as highly important and this can be seen by the many monuments, statues and other iconography seen throughout the nation.


Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan GettyImages-636312738.jpg

Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan. Credit: Getty Images



Besides the current imperial palace in the heart of Tokyo, there a multiple other palaces that were inhabited by the Emperor’s in the many years in power. Kyoto, alone, houses two of the palaces. One of these was occupied until 1868 and was the capital of Japan until such time also. The other is the Sento Imperial Palace and was built as the retirement palace (as any true ruler would expect) for Emperor Gomizuno. These two palaces occupied the same grounds, in the Kyoto Imperial Park, making it a formidable region. There is also the Heijo Palace, however this was mostly lost due to years of neglect after the capital shifted.

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Sannen Zaka Street, Kyoto, Japan. Credit: Getty Images



Warriors of the pre-modern Japan, the Samurai made up the ruling military class and they eventually became the highest ranking social caste. Supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of the bushido (The Way of the Warrior), they were heavily focused on loyalty, self-discipline and respectful behaviour. These fearsome warriors ended up ruling Japan for almost 700 years, and as a result have become deeply engrossed in the rich history.

Traditional Samurai armor and sword GettyImages-120889919.jpg

Traditional Samurai armor and sword, Japan. Credit: Getty Images




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Row of grilled wagyu beef sushi, Japan. Credit: Getty Images

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