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Making the most of Autumn 2020

4th March 2020

Autumn is one of those times of years that you either love or hate. Speaking personally, I absolutely adore it, as it still has the rich heat of summer coupled together with cooler evenings, lower humidity and the chance to crack out the boots and coats for winter. For those who don’t favour Autumn however, there are so many incredible ways to enjoy it, and make the most of the falling season.

Temperature and weather aside, Autumn is the beginning of one of the best times of year: the arrival of winter cuisine. Soups, stews, freshly baked breads and deep-dish apple pies all come to the forefront of the mind when thinking of Autumn. All those dishes that, if you were to have in the heat of summer, are repulsive to think about, begin to creep their way back in and stave off the winter blues. I’m talking Chicken Noodle Soup, Vegetable Soup, Slow-cooked beef ragu on pappardelle smothered in parmesan cheese, and fruit or berry pies that ooze with flavour and burst with sweetness. Fortunately, Autumn also heralds the beginning of slow-cooking season, and I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite as delicious as arriving home from work or school, and instantly getting swept up in the heavenly aromas that await.

A thing that we can quite often forget due to its geographical location in the world, is that South America actually lies in the same seasonal cycle as us. Thus, for something a little different, a trip to Buenos Aires can help you experience Autumn in a whole new way. The capital of Argentina averages about 17 degrees celsius throughout March to May and is perfect weather for embracing the rich South American culture. Think alfresco dining, rooftop soirees and tango dancing, to name but a few of the incredible options that await. Plus, the vineyard regions of Chile and Argentina flourish to life as the leaves become flooded in browns, oranges and golden hues. Few things can beat watching the setting sun trickle through the leaves and grapes as they lightly jostle in the wind, and this is something you can experience also. Another prime reason to head to South America is to visit Bolivia to observe the beginning of the dry season in the Amazon Rainforest. Fewer crowds tend to visit at this time, and it is your one time in the year to observe this natural phenomenon.

If you’re still not convinced that Autumn is a season worth experiencing, then it is at least an exceptional time to begin planning your holidays for the remainder of the year. Consider escaping on a cruise to the Pacific Islands where you’ll find comfort and reprieve from the cold air of the South Pacific, or instead head further north and visit the likes of Santorini, Crete or Mykonos for a Grecian Summer that is every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Your local Travel Adviser, here at Travel Associates, is an expert in what the best ways are to experience the world around us, and can help you make Autumn 2020 the best you’ve ever had. Reach out to your nearest one today to turn your travel dreams into a reality.