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Sunnyside Up: Dreams of Europe Touring

9th September 2019

There’s no underestimating the fact that Europe is the most lavish destination for living out your tour dreams and discoveries. A veritable land of rolling valleys, palaces shrouded in mystery, ancient history that stems back to the beginning of time, and iconic cuisine that is as fundamental to the society as its people.

However, whether it’s your first time visiting Europe, or you’re quintessentially part of the landscape, there’s always more to see, always more to do, and a vibrant world of wonder that’s waiting to be discovered.

For an experience closer to the heavens, that will leave you reeling in wonderment, a trip to Florence is a must. Observing the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo will set your soul alight, and the sheer beauty of it will etch itself in your memory forever. A brisk twenty-minute walk from the city centre of Florence, you’re promised the most breathtaking views (in the whole of Italy, some argue) and you’ll also discover one of the city’s ‘fake Davids’.

Pop over to Venice and visit St Mark’s Square - the beating heart of Venice’s café culture. Grab a coffee, or a meal, and allow your dining experience to be improved by String Quartets, that classically serenade the evening and all it has to offer.

For a Choral delight that will be as audibly pleasing as it is exceptional, track down Westminster Abbey in London, and wait for Evensong. Near the hour of sunset, the Abbey choir lift their voices in praise and jubilation - a feeling that is contagious meaning you’ll leave with a hop in your step!

Travel north from London, to Edinburgh, and conquer Arthur’s Seat. Allow yourself a few hours for this experience as you climb high above the city. Offering amazing views of the entire city, you’ll want to ensure that this is on your to-do list!


Boasting a bright, vibrant and bloody history, Europe has been foundational in the developing of many different movements throughout the years. From the Dark Ages, to the Renaissance, through to the creation of monolithic wonders such as the Palace of Versaille - it’s a continent of expansionism, growth, revolution and prowess. Whether strolling through the churches in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, that reach towards heaven, or visiting Catedral de la Seu in Barcelona, there’s always some intricate facet of this great continent that is sure to delight. Marvellous in its very inception, Europe is a hotbed of political rivalries, and the many different castles, cities and expanses hold lore that is unlike any other nation nearby.

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This article originally appeared in the Inspirations Winter 2019 Edition.