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First time in London & Europe

This was a big moment for them, and one that I’ve found is big with so many clients.
Seeing a country you’ve heard of so many times, and that you’ve always dreamed of visiting is overwhelming and always extremely exciting.

A purple ribbon experience itinerary

With only 6 weeks to take full advantage of their trip, owing to being a teacher, my clients needed to have everything planned out from start to finish, and be assured that they would see it in. In total across the journey of the 6 weeks they visited: London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, Isle of Skye, Edinborough, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Venice, Pompeii, Rome, Pisa, Paris and Singapore. Fitting everything into this time frame was quintessential and immensely important to my client.

Half way in and not near done

After a few days, I heard from my client whilst they were still in the UK, exclaiming how much they loved their Best of Britain Tour and how it was packed with lots of things to see and do (or not do if that was more to your flavour). She noted that it was incredibly convenient that they could bus from place-to-place and that their accommodation was extremely handy to each of the areas.

Travelling like a local

Having arrived back in the United Kingdom, they were extremely relieved to have their London Pass and Oyster Card on hand which I recommended during the consultation. Now they had uninhibited ability to move through London as needed to go and see all of their favourite destinations. Plus they could get access to the most exciting and engaging activities across the country, truly allowing them to make their holiday their own!
PRICE GUIDE = $40,000*
*Total for 2 people, including airfares, accommodation, tours & miscellaneous.

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