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Crafted Flights

Sometimes, your holiday plans just don’t fit into the box – and that’s where our crafted flights come to the rescue. Whatever your dream holiday looks like, we can craft a bespoke flight booking that caters to your personal requirements every step of the journey.

A crafted flight goes above and beyond your regular flight booking, ultimately ensuring you get to enjoy a flying experience that’s exactly what you wanted and expected, from take-off to landing.

Some travellers choose crafted flights to organise a multi-stop journey that allows them to incorporate various destinations and stopovers on their journey, beyond a straight-forward return trip. Some go all out to embark on with a globe-trotting round the world trip, with a healthy list of destinations to tack onto the itinerary, near and far. And others simply want a one-way ticket, with no strings attached.

But crafted flights aren’t just about the where but also the how; we can easily incorporate mixed classes into any flight itinerary, so you can fly in different classes on the different legs of your journey to suit your own personal preferences, whether it’s premium economy, business class or first class. Those extra inflight creature comforts – at just the right time – can really make a pivotal difference to your entire holiday experience.

Whatever you’re imagining, Travel Associates can craft flights to suit the holiday of your dreams – including all the extras, like transfers, insurance and so much more. Talk to one of our advisors now.