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A Trip to The Emerald Isle

25th June 2024

Downton Abbey-style accommodations, heartfelt hospitality, and endless outdoor excursions awaited our advisors on their recent journey through Ireland.


Ireland, often referred to as 'The Emerald Isle', is celebrated for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm, friendly hospitality. Seven Travel Associates Advisors recently embarked on a one of a kind trip organised by Tourism Ireland to explore and experience the beauty and charm of this captivating country.

From its lush green scenery to its gourmet food, gorgeous gardens, historic sites, and vibrant heritage, Ireland offers something truly special for every traveller. Here is a glimpse into their unforgettable journey.



Experiencing Ireland's first class hospitality
Experiencing Ireland's first class hospitality


Arriving In The Emerald Isle

Our journey to Ireland began with an Emirates flight from Sydney to Dublin, with a swift connection in Dubai. As we descended into Ireland’s capital city, the vibrant greenery stretching as far as the eye could see confirmed everything we'd heard about Ireland's lush landscapes—it truly is as green as they say.

Upon arrival, we were immediately struck by the warm and genuine hospitality. From the customs and immigration officers to every local we encountered, the friendliness and welcoming nature of the Irish people was remarkable. Their pride in their country was evident, and their eagerness to share its beauty and charm made us feel right at home.



A private helicopter tour over the picturesque Ring Of Kerry
A private helicopter tour over the picturesque Ring Of Kerry


One Of A Kind Activities

Ireland is a beautiful country to connect with nature, with its emerald green rolling hills and picturesque coastal views. Our itinerary was packed with outdoor activities that showcased the very best of what Ireland has to offer.

Interacting with animals was a large part of our Irish experience. We admired the elegant thoroughbreds at Coolmore Stud, watched an impressive sheepdog demonstration, had a house and hound arrival at one of our luxury accommodations and enjoyed a one-of-a-kind falconry experience at Dromoland Castle, where we interacted with majestic birds of prey in a historic setting.

We were also lucky to be invited to a hurling demonstration, providing an exciting glimpse into Ireland’s national sport. The passion and skill involved in this traditional game were truly inspiring to watch.

An extra special highlight of our trip was a private helicopter tour over the Ring of Kerry. The aerial views of the ocean, coastline, and lush landscapes were breathtaking and offered a perspective of Ireland’s beauty that we'll never forget.



One Of A Kind Accommodation

Staying at the country manor and castle accommodations in Ireland was a bit like stepping into Downton Abbey with the elegant spaces, expansive grounds and dedicated staff we experienced. Each stay was rich in heritage and timeless charm, and some a destination in itself with their incredible paintings and furnishings.

Cashel Palace, and The Europe Hotel both had spectacular manicured gardens, with The Europe Hotel offering one of a kind views over Lock Lein. Sheen Falls Lodge near Killarney National Park was a true hidden gem, and a night at the iconic Dromoland Castle and even a round of golf the next morning on their award-winning golf course was remarkable. We stayed at The Shelbourne in Dublin which was in a great location, just across from St Stephens Green.



A classic Irish pub in Dublin, Ireland
A classic Irish pub in Dublin, Ireland


Irish Dishes and Tipples

A few years back, Ireland might have been known for their 'stodgy' food, but no more! Ireland's dining experiences were one of our favourite parts of the trip. We ate at a mixture of fine dining, Michelin star and local pubs and restaurants - all of it wonderful. A highlight was lunch at the Hunted Hog where we had a sensational seafood chowder and local brew in a traditional pub atmosphere.

Of course, no trip to Ireland would be complete without visiting a whiskey distillery! We enjoyed a tipple or two at Midleton Distillery Experience near Cork, where they produce many well-known whiskey brands. These were of course complemented by ample pints of Guinness during our trip - and it’s true what they say: Guinness does taste better in Ireland!

Clients looking for an active lifestyle, with good food, gorgeous sightseeing, and premium accommodation should absolutely consider Ireland as their next holiday destination.

The variety of outdoor activities and the luxury accommodation options with high tea and upmarket restaurants ensure there is something for everyone.


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