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The Wonders of Solo Travel

8th October 2019

The most important trip you take this year could be the one that is all about you.

Let’s face it... travel can be exhausting. You’re in New York and can’t bear to waste a minute of seeing the sights or revisiting those ten rooftop bars you loved last time. You’re at a ski resort and want to get the most bang for your buck on those beautiful mountain slopes so you ski or snowboard as long as the lifts are turning. Or you’re on a road trip, and the itinerary you’ve planned is to the minute and there’s absolutely no time to waste.

We’ve all been there, done that. But then, back at work, you joke to colleagues that you need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Before too long, you are so busy back in your whirlpool life that your holiday only resides on that memory card in your top drawer that you haven’t found time to download yet.

Many of us have an inner voice that tells us we need to do something for ourselves. We need to do more exercise, eat healthier, maybe sign up for a Pilates class, do more yoga, swim in the sea, learn to surf. That inner voice is right, and the time to do this stuff for yourself is NOW.

The best way to make this move to better health is to sign up for a break that is all about you. Book a week in a hotel with a great wellness program and thoroughly immerse yourself in it, without the distraction of friends. If you are there with friends, you will be impacted by their opinions, likes and dislikes while, if you go it alone, you will be able to try everything, even if you think you might look ridiculous doing it. I am talking about you, aerial yoga.

You can abandon your self-consciousness and go the whole hog at a true wellness resort with yoga at dawn, meditation, green juice, healthy meals, no alcohol, personal medical checks, Ayurvedic rituals and so on. Or just slow down, sleep a lot, read a book and pamper yourself with spa treatments or a week. You will have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You will probably even gain some new friends, bonding over an acai bowl in your activewear.


In Australia there are many hotels and resorts that have excellent wellness offerings – often in beautiful locations, which only adds to the experience. The Lakehouse Daylesford is a good place to start with offerings including yoga, tai chi, chi quang, meditation and walks through tranquil forest, as well as a raft of wonderful treatments at the Salus Spa and the access to region’s famous mineral hot springs.

In Tasmania, the spectacular Saffire Freycinet will soothe mind, body and soul. Organise personal yoga classes in the luxury of your suite, go for a bike ride, do a meditation class and be rejuvenated in the spa.


Thailand has some of the best health and wellness properties in the world. Amatara in Phuket looks after everything imaginable and can even advise on how to improve brain health, while Kamalaya’s holistic approach to health, stress management, weight loss and relaxation is legendary.

Bali is also awash with excellent hotels to change your health habits, including the Four Seasons Resort Sayan in Ubud, with the Sacred River Spa even offering Balinese healers, chakra ceremonies, wellness mentors and moonlight yoga.

In Europe, The Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland has a Tibetan Buddhist monk that teaches divine yoga, chanting mantras and sacred meditations in the glorious alpine environment. For thermal pools, the Gainsborough Bath Spa in England and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland will have you swooning over an aquatic soaking, and in Greece, the spa at Amanzoe, inspired by the holistic healings of Hippocrates, combines ancient healing traditions including Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine with programs combining diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage and ocean swimming.

No matter where you choose to begin your self-improvement journey, the things you try and the lessons you learn about your body, health and fitness, will hold you in good stead for the years ahead, and the time spent in your own company, will be strangely satisfying.

For help on your next solo adventure, talk to a Travel Advisor today!

This article originally appeared in the Inspirations Winter 2019 Edition.