— words by Kristie Kellahan

New York, New York. A city so full of life, they named it twice. Come for the museums, the Broadway shows, the cronuts and the Statue of Liberty. Come again – and again – to discover the boroughs outside of Manhattan, the hidden bars, the local restaurants, the ever-changing arts scene, the dynamic energy that pulsates through the very fibre of the city and its people.

The Aussie invasion of New York City ensures you'll never be far from a decent flat white, the rapid expansion of hotels in the city is a bonus for travellers who love luxurious accommodation, and the food truck craze delivers affordable dining on any budget.

New York City has never been safer and more welcoming to visitors and the stats tell the story – more than 55 million visitors annually. The days of old, when Hell's Kitchen lived up to its name and Times Square was a no-go zone, are gone and have been replaced by the confidence of a city that at once feels new and familiar.

So go deeper than the average tourist by cheering with the locals at a sports bar, raising the roof at a gospel church in Brooklyn, joining a behind-the-scenes walking tour of Broadway or learning about the gritty past at a tenement-building museum. The city that never sleeps awaits your arrival.