Holiday Packages to New Zealand's North Island

New Zealand’s vibrant North Island is home to the nation’s largest city, Auckland, its capital city, Wellington, and possesses over three-quarters of the country’s population.  In short, there’s a lot happening on this ancient volcanic landmass. From its thriving cultural scene to the innovative restaurant and shopping sector, the North Island is a hub of activity that will keep you going from morning to night.

The dazzling natural scenery, with its weathered coastline, temperate forests and vast mountain ranges are never far away either. To truly appreciate New Zealand, all one has to do is get out and explore these great outdoor attractions. Remarkably, the island’s unique geological history can be witnessed too. After thousands of years of volcanic activity, the earthly wonders can be enjoyed on winding hiking trails that take you through volcanic stone fields and past explosive geysers and hot mud pools. In short, there’s no other place on earth quite like New Zealand’s North Island.